Help Me Find a Heating Expert

I’ve lived in Clifton Park, New York for 53 years now. I’ve watched the Capital Region grow and thousands of businesses start and flourish. I’ve always worked for the government as a 9-5 employee. I’d go in around 8:00 AM, working until noon, take a lunch break, and then work again until 5:00 PM. On weekends, I did theater training for years. I always loved the creative aspects of theater. Then, I’d drive home and watch some TV until bed unless it was a weekend. During the summer, my house stays nice and cool because of its state-of-the-art air conditioning system the previous owner installed. It’s quite good. It’ll be 90 degrees outside and a cool 70 degrees in my building.  However, the winters in upstate NY are frigid. The temperature drops below 20 degrees and my house is really cold. I used a space heater for the past few years trying to save money on electricity, but I’m getting too old to handle the cold. I was thinking about buying a hot water heater. I’ve done some online research about heating options and there are a few different options – conventional storage tanks, heat pumps, solar, and condensers.   From what I can tell, conventional storage tank water heaters are the most popular. The feedback I saw in the reviews said it’s energy efficient and saves on electricity because it uses less energy to run. If I decide on hot water heater installation, I need to find a plumber in Clifton Park. I checked Yelp and saw 5 or 6 local plumbing companies, but their reviews were terrible. I’ll keep looking because I’m not going to hire a company unless I see a lot of good reviews. I’ve been around the block enough times to know what can happen when you have an inexperienced contractor install something. If you have any suggestions on a plumber in my area, please let me know. My requirements are 10 years of experience in plumbing services, proper licensing in New York State, and good reviews on social media. I’ll ask some neighbors for their advice, but again, tell me if you happen to find something first.