Repaired Concrete Walkway at Tucson Office

Our Tucson, Arizona office location was built about 7 years ago. We knocked down the old building and put up the new one on the same foundation. The commercial build layout is essentially the same with 20 rooms on the first floor. Outside of the building, we have a long set of concrete steps and an include handicap-accessible concrete ramp that winds back and forth before attaching to the base of the door to the building. The original company that poured the concrete ramp didn’t do a great job because it’s cracking after only one year of use. We noticed the other day when a customer tripped and fell on the way up the ramp. Having cracks in the ramp is a hazard that can lead to a lawsuit, so we called a local contractor for concrete repair in Tucson. The company we chose was Tucson Concrete Contractors, an experienced, local cement provider that we’ve heard good things about. We received more than dozen glowing recommendations from friends and colleagues of Redo Theatre all across Arizona, and were very much looking forward to seeing their quality of work. Tucson Concrete’s team went to work on Saturday morning, grinding down the old ramp’s surface. After removing about 2 inches of cement from the top layer, the concrete contractors poured fresh cement and smoothed out the surface. Prior to completely hardening, the stamped in a special pattern that helps with grip. The new design has somewhat of a tread patterns that prevents people from slipping even if there’s water on the concrete. The new concrete ramp is again handicap-accessible and hasn’t been a problem since the update. Overall, the quality of the craftsmanship is superb. But only time will tell if the concrete surface holds up to the standard wear and tear of hundreds of people that we train on a daily basis. If your Tucson home or commercial building needs concrete flatwork done, call Tucson Concrete Contractors. We highly recommend them.