Top Education Trends of 2020

An impressive anecdote to comprehend the revolutionary transformation in education ushered by technology juxtaposes the previous generation and the present generation’s penchant for technology.

The ripple effect of the pandemic has facilitated education to transcend the walls of the classroom. This has indeed engendered embracing sophisticated technology, which has resulted in a seamless eclipse from the classroom to the comfort of our homes – venturing into a novel educational fad.


The Brand-New Vogue About Hybrid Home-schooling

Hybrid home-schooling has materialised into the novel trend given the need of the hour. At the same time, this is a sustainable education fad, a harmonious blend of conventional home-schooling and formal schooling.

This meant schools could confer on children’s immediate learning targets with the aid of their parents since they are limited to their homes. This learning model augments family relationships with a combined effort from parents and children in the process of learning.

While this model eclipses learning to be a quotidian chore, it also presents students with more time to embark on a melange of resources, including a magnified playtime.

 The Metamorphosis Deploying AR and VR

An engaging way to captivate students is by utilising AR and VR. An otherwise uneventful episode in the textbook can be breathed new life and vigour with the addition of 3D and 4D elements.

An example is the 4D AR flashcards in biology that present students with an exhaustive understanding of the semblance of an animal; at the same time, being educated about their origin, behaviour, and habitat.

Similarly, VR is an innovative technology that teleports kids into a vibrant world with the aid of tools and apps. For instance, the Google Expeditions tool enables children to virtually tour famous heritage sites while they are still glued to their seats.

This is an insane technology that adds aesthetic appeal to complicated topics and also ensures to present facts while capturing various senses, and this succours students to retain information for an extended time.

Escalated Skill Development

The future demands children to possess adaptability, emotional intelligence, problem-solving, resilience, and so on. However, the hornets’ nest here is to bestow children these multitudes of skills by following a single teaching method.


This is where the significance of blended learning comes to the fore. This method is an amalgamation of conventional classroom practices with computer-mediated activities. This method ensures that knowledge is extended beyond the walls of the classroom. This blended approach lets students harness technologies for self-learning and skilling.

The cost of curriculum delivery is made affordable and accessible by the various online platforms like OTT media like TEDEd, reading platforms such as Amazon Kindle, and learning apps like Byjus.